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How Our Tanks and Sauna Stay Clean

I am sure you are wondering how do our tanks stay so crystal clear and clean? Or how our sauna is maintained?  Here you will find the answers to those very questions. 

Cleaning Supplies

Tank & Sauna Maintenance

Our tanks, rooms and sauna are maintained daily especially between sessions.

Our Maintenance Methods are the following:

1) Scrubbing down tanks inside and outside after every customer and at end of day

2) Floors mopped after every customer and at end of day

3) Inspecting tanks daily for buildup and anomalies.

4) Careful maintenance of PH and Alkaline levels to ensure all are within a normal, healthy range

5) Water is skimmed for clarity

6) Filters are running constantly except during floats.

7) Water and medical grade epsom salt are added daily to ensure high concentration which prevents bacteria/ microbes in the water.

8) We require ALL customers to shower before entering tanks regardless of a previous shower. 

9) Full room deep clean completed once a week.

The Tools We Use

Our Waiver

Our waivers are the first line of defense against contamination. Our waivers  screen for contagious diseases and open wounds .


Ozone is used in our tanks to kill any organic matter that should not be there. Our Ozone is active during the filter cycles in our tanks.

 Hydrogen Peroxide

 Hydrogen Peroxide is used to clean and sterilize all tank surfaces touched by customers as well as the inside of all of our showers. High grade Hydrogen peroxide is added daily to the  tanks to maintain healthy enzyme levels preventing microbes.

UV Sanitation

This is used within our tanks and sauna to rid the water and sauna of bacteria and unwanted organic material.


White vinegar is used to clean the outside of our tanks, the floors and walls of the float rooms and the inside of our sauna. The acidic nature of vinegar is so powerful it can dissolve mineral deposit, dirt and grime. It’s also strong enough to kill bacteria.

Wood Cleaner

This is used to clean both inside and outside of the Sauna to kill bacteria and add a fresh smell.

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