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 Please review our policies and create your profile online before booking:   


1. Place a credit card on file at the time of booking to secure your appointment. No valid card on file, no guarantee of appointment. The card will not be charged unless you make payment at that time. 

2. We have a 12 hour cancellation policy, Contact us 267-982-5871  if you need to cancel. We reserve the right to bill 50% of the normal session fee if less than 12 hours All no-shows will be billed 100% of the normal session for time and staffing- NO EXCEPTIONS.


1. All first time users of the facility will need to come in at least 15 minutes early for orientation and check in. We ask that you be on time so schedules run accordingly. If you are running late, contact us as all float sessions need to start at the appropriate times. You will still be responsible for full cost of scheduled 60/90 min session regardless of timing.  

Rules and Regulations 

1. We love to make float therapy affordable for everyone so we often provide discounts or specials for our members and clients. Please be aware that we cannot offer discounts on top of specials, memberships and other discounts. 

2. All clients MUST shower before entering our tanks- NO EXCEPTIONS. Even if you have showered before you left your home you must shower still. This is to ensure the health of everyone and tank cleanliness. We reserve the right to refuse service to repeat offenders. 

3. Our gift certificates, memberships and packages are based on Regular Float pricing. Credits cannot be used for discounted days/ specials. Example: Manic Monday. If you choose to use your credit for a discounted day, the price difference is not reimbursed.

4. Coupons cannot be used with discounted days or specials. ( coupons cannot be used on packages or any special rate)

5. Alcohol or other substance use is not permitted before, during or after float or sauna. Our staff reserves the right to refuse facility use to anyone suspected of substance and alcohol use to ensure the safety of both staff and customer. 

Float Credits

1. If a customer has a credit that does not cover the full cost, the customer may add money to the account to make up the difference.

2. If a customer has a credit that is more than the cost of the float we cannot refund the difference in the cost, our system cannot do that. Example: Regular Float Credit, Happy Hour Float booked. The difference in cost will not be credited or refunded.  Please use special credits like Happy Hour for Happy Hour Floats.


1. Your benefits apply as long as your membership is active. Once your membership becomes 

inactive, your benefits no longer apply, roll over stops and any credits that remain on the account

you will have six months from the inactive date to use them. NO EXCEPTIONS OR  EXTENSIONS.

2. To cancel your Membership, you MUST contact Lma Mineral Float Staff by

calling 267-982-5871. NO EXCEPTIONS.

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