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Our Clients Say

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"Here are some reviews from our happy customers."

Vivi Sadel, Owner

J. Rubin

" Lisa was very thorough before the float which helped prepare me for my 1st float. It was a relaxing and soothing experience. The water was warmer than I had anticipated which was so nice. I used the neck float and kept the pod light on which made for a great float! I will definitely be back!"


"This was my first visit and I was pleasantly surprised how relaxing it was and how good I felt when it was over."

Stephanie C.

“LOVED floating! the past few weeks have been stressful for me on a personal level. It was nice for me to relax and forget about everything if only for an hour. It also kind of kickstarted some creative inspiration for me, which I really appreciated ( I 've had a little writer's block lately). I will definitely be back! Thank you!”


" Great and relaxing time at Lma! Thanks!"


" the float was relaxing and the best experience. I came out of it replenished and at peace. The facility is clean and the staff so helpful and accommodating."
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